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For foreigners 10 super Russian films to improve your language skills

Текст: Екатерина Пак

Фото: https://www.kinopoisk.ru/

Sometimes we have those days when you just want to curl up on the couch with a tub of popcorn, the remote and improbable amount of candy. But wait, you’re trying to learn Russian, aren’t you? Then I have good news for you. You can combine business with pleasure! Watch Russian films and eat your popcorn at the same time. Isn’t it a perfect way to learn a foreign language?

Here is my favorite 7:

1. Soulless/Духless (2012)

Soulless tells a story of a 29-year-old top manager named Max Andreev (Danila Kozlovsky) who is an ambitious achiever of his goals, leading to happiness by earning and spending his money in most lavish ways: expensive luxury cars, penthouse dwellings, night clubs, posh girls, parties and drugs became the attributes of his life.

But the day Max meets a 19-year-old girl named Yulia (Mariya Andreyeva), a lower-middle-class university student, who has a “McJob” for a living, and who occasionally participates in various social activism groups pf Moscow. Realizing that he wasted 10 years of his life away, Max decides do befriend Yulia, and together they live through numerous peripeteias, shaking and changing both of their lives for the better.


2. The geographer drank his globe away/ Географ глобус пропил (2013)

The main character, a biologist named Victor Sluzhkin (Konstantin Khabensky), loses his job and, to make ends meet is forced to take a job in a local school as a geography teacher. His family has little money and lives in a dilapidated apartment in an old Soviet era building. His best friend is having an affair with his wife. The students in his class do not respect him and the assistant principal does not like his teaching

methods. He feels lonely and depressed. To deal with the stresses of life, he drinks a lot. His alcohol-fueled binges provide a temporary respite, but no lasting comfort. When he organizes a trip on the river with a group of students from his class, it turns into a journey of self-discovery both for him and for the young men and women from his class.

3. Legend №17/ Легенда №17 (2013)

The life and career of Russian hockey Valeri Kharlamov (Danila Kozlovsky), from his rise to stardom through his untimely death.

4. Salyut 7/ Салют 7 (2017)

The year is 1985. The unmanned Soviet space station Salyut 7, which is in low Earth orbit, suddenly stops responding to commands from the Control Center. If the space station — the pride of Soviet space engineering — falls from the sky, not only will it damage the image of the country, it will also be a disaster bringing untold casualties. To investigate the failure and prevent the catastrophe, people must be sent to the station. Yet no one in history has ever attempted to dock an uncontrolled vehicle in space. To this day, this mission is considered to be the most technically challenging in the history of space exploration.

5. Piter FM/ Питер ФМ (2006)

Masha (Ekaterina Fedulova) is a young woman working for a popular St. Petersburg radio station as a DJ. Maksim (Yevgeny Tsyganov) is a young man with a degree in architecture who has moved to St. Petersburg from Nizhny Novgorod and who works part-time as a street sweeper.

The two young people accidentally bump into each other in a crowd. Masha drops her cell phone and Maksim happens to pick it up. He wants to return it, but each time they try to meet, something happens to waylay their plans. Ironically, the two of them keep ending up in the same places, but not knowing what the other looks like; they keep unwittingly

passing by each other. In the meantime, Masha begins to realize that she is not in love with Kostya (Alexey Barabash) and agreeing to marry him was a rash decision on her part, while Maksim starts to think that he would rather live in St. Petersburg than move to Germany.

6. Loveless / Не любовь (2017)

In Moscow, at the end of the school day, students are departing on their way home. One twelve year old boy, Alexey (Matvey Novikov), decides to take an indirect path home rather than using the regular city streets. Alexey takes a path which leads him to walk by a local river in a wooded area just on the outskirts of town. He appears to be in no particular rush to get home. His parents, Zhenya (Maryana Spivak) and Boris (Alexey Rozin), are in the midst of obtaining a divorce, with much animosity. Both are trying to form new lives in new relationships. One day, it is discovered that the boy has disappeared from home.

7. What men talk about / О чем говорят мужчины (2010)

Four middle-aged friends receive an invitation from their friend in Odessa to come to him for his birthday.They sit in the car and go to the long journey. On the road, they have many adventures, many of which can knock a person out of a rut. But when you have people next to you with whom you can talk about everything, all the hardships of life become insignificant … And real men are known to have a lot of different topics for discussion. Work, parties, money, music, clubs, and of course – women. If a man is still single, he is concerned about the issue – whether to get married. And married ones concern whether they can cheat on their wife.