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For foreigners 5 events to visit if you are a FEFU foreign student

Текст: Екатерина Пак

Фото: АРИC

Going to study abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. It gives you a great opportunity to see the world, sharing your own culture and learning something about others’. But it may be extremely hard especially if you come alone and for the first time. Sometimes you can feel yourself lonely. And we, dvfu.info, are here to help you! Starting from this day we will give you advises about places, activities within and outside our university to make your student life in Russia as interesting as possible.

1. Speaking clubs ARIS

There are different speaking clubs at the university where anyone can improve language skills absolutely for free. It doesn’t matter who you are – native speaker or somebody who is interested in foreign languages. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, English, Russian – it’s up to you. Let’s learn together.



2. The evening together with ARIS

If you are fond of music and can’t imagine your life without it, come to the evening together with ARIS on November, 3. Great music, live performances, nice cozy atmosphere and many future friends are waiting for you. If you want to be a part of this great event and make your own performance, fill the application before October, 31.



3. International Training Centre

FEFU Volunteer Training Centre announces the acceptance of applications for participation in the III International Volunteer School at FEFU Volunteer Training Centre. The first meeting will be held on November, 7.Over the course, it will introduce you to volunteering activities such as entertaining training, the practice of speech communication, getting involved in university affairs, new acquaintances. Fill up an application until November, 5.



4. Culinary contest “Cook together”

If you are good at cooking and have a desire to help students in making famous meals from all over the world, this contest is for you. Firstly, you need to fill up an application and after that you will get an invitation to a team of one of delegations by a toss-up where during three weeks guys will teach you some secrets of their national dishes. Your result such as a well-prepared meal you will be able to present to our jury of the contest, which will be held 24 November.



5. The International Students Unity Day 2017

Go to visit our annual festival on November 24. ISUD is a great event to meet representatives of different countries, taste their meals, dance their dances, sing their songs and even much more. Come to celebrate this holiday with us.